[Tig] 1Tb & 2Tb Raid disks, what make/model?

Robert Houllahan rob at cinelab.com
Mon Mar 7 02:51:52 GMT 2011


I am going to populate a 20 disk array relatively shortly and while I have not decided to make a 20Tb or 40Tb array I was wondering what drives people are using for populating disk array systems these days. The controller is a Atto R380 and the box is a 20 disk SAS backplane style setup. I am thinking that a Astek 33606 SAS expander for the box but I would be curious to know the thoughts about SAS expanders as well.

The Array is for a DaVinci Resolve on OSX box which I am currently running on a Rocket-Raid 2214 Sata controller.

Robert Houllahan
rob at cinelab.com

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