[Tig] 1Tb & 2Tb Raid disks, what make/model?

stefan orlandic stefan.orlandic at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 23:54:41 GMT 2011

we have around 72 Western Digital Enterprise RE3 1TB , and 48 Western
Digital Enterprise RE4 2TB drives in our raid storages.
Both have performed flawless, but RE4 2TB are much more faster and twice the

We also have around 50 Seagate drives but not in RAID storages, and from my
experience I could not recommend them.

As far as controller is concerned, beside Atto I would also suggest Areca 6G
1880ix, older 3G 1680ix and cheaper alternative HPT 4322 (works perfect OOB
on SL).


I do not work or I am getting money from any of those companies.

Stefan Orlandic
Living Pictures

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> Subject: [Tig] 1Tb & 2Tb Raid disks, what make/model?
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> Hey
> I am going to populate a 20 disk array relatively shortly and while I have
> not decided to make a 20Tb or 40Tb array I was wondering what drives people
> are using for populating disk array systems these days. The controller is a
> Atto R380 and the box is a 20 disk SAS backplane style setup. I am thinking
> that a Astek 33606 SAS expander for the box but I would be curious to know
> the thoughts about SAS expanders as well.
> The Array is for a DaVinci Resolve on OSX box which I am currently running
> on a Rocket-Raid 2214 Sata controller.
> -Rob-
> Robert Houllahan
> rob at cinelab.com
> Colorist-Director
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