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Tsunami Coming to the Broadcast Industry - How to Prepare
As some of you may or may not know, the main Sony plant for manufacture of magnetic media, The Sendai Technology Center which made XDCAM, HDCAM, HDCAM SR and Digital Betacam was in Sendai, Japan and has ceased operations.

By all accounts it is toast.

Considering it’s proximity to the coast it’s no wonder. From what is being said in the industry it will be at least 6 months before it’s up and running.  And this does not factor additional earthquakes, lack of power and possible nuclear contamination.

Networks, dubbing houses, post and production companies are scrambling to get tape and disks for acquisition and finishing and all the major distributors are releasing what they have to current customers on a very limited basis. Here is what is left on Amazon. XDCAM. HDCAM. Digital Betacam. Prices have already gone up and are likely to continue to climb.

The good news at this point is that there is apparently a XDCAM disc plant in South Korea that is operational. However it is apparently smaller than Sendai and not likely to keep up with demand. Presumably as as XDCAM is Blu-ray, and professionals are not the only people using Blu-ray, it’s just as likely that there will be shortages of The King’s Speech.

So what does all this mean? And how do you prepare for this coming tsunami?

Tapeless workflow will dominate because it has to. Sony EX1 and Sony EX3 systems are likely to fly off the shelves. SxS cards and pro level Compact flash cards will be selling at a clip. P2 cameras and P2 cards stand to gain a great deal as people grapple with what to shoot on.

Hard drives are also likely to go up in price or at least hold steady. Good ruggedized drives like the La Cie 500 gig are going to be very popular.

Systems that record ProRes and other flavors to compact flash via HD SDI like the AJA Ki Pro, and Convergent Design’s Nano Flash are going to start popping up everywhere and are likely to sell out in the near term.

We might even see a resurgence of 16mm and 35mm film in television. Oh, the irony.

How will this affect specific people?

If you’re a shooter, and have a broadcast camera with HD SDI, you’ll need to buy a Nano Flash or AJA Ki Pro or AJA Ki Pro Mini pretty fast. That or move to EX1, EX3,P2 or a good DSLR system and great instructions on how to do it.

If you’re an editor, expect to go completely tapeless, getting everything in on cards of some sort, and exporting to and shipping a good drive. Yousendit will become your new friend if it isn’t already.

If you’re a post house, it’s going to be all about education for your clients. Luckily many clients are already tapeless and expect internet delivery. The broadcast clients are a different matter and Panasonic D-5 may have to be the new format.

No doubt about it, it’s a mess.

At this point it's almost trite to say that the Japan earthquake and tsunami underline our inter-connectivity on this planet. Hopefully they are over as natural events, and with luck and the courage of the Fukashima 50, the nuclear reactors will be under control soon.

Still, the fallout is spreading all over the world and it’s no time to shelter in place.

As the proverb goes - Fortune favors the bold.

Jon Miles
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