[Tig] Premature Death of SR

Jeff and Jill Jones jeff-jones at att.net
Mon Mar 21 01:20:26 GMT 2011

Help me here. Doesn't Sony's own stated goals for the SR format say it is to 
go filebased? I see the latest developments at the Sony manufacturing plant 
as a welcomed inconvenience, which will only get the Cine-Alta more use as a 
direct already formatted file (Straight from the camera to your MAC) No SR 
tape involved. Anyone who is predicting the death of SR and a huge comeback 
for film is very shortsighted.  I'm sure film makers are rushing to add more 
expense to their post (shooting film). You get to wait for your dailies. . . 
pay for lab processing. . . pay for a telecine suite to grade in. . .  have 
film grain moving like ants over your image on an LCD or plasma and find a 
place to correctly store your film for what? . . Fifty years. That's not too 
big of an expense I guess. (sarcasm in use)

Jeff Jones
Color Image Post

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