[Tig] Premature Death of SR

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Tue Mar 22 01:09:39 GMT 2011

>In interviews about that House episode they were very clear it was not done to do it cheaper or a as stunt to use DSLR's - it was a creative choice to allow them to shoot where film cameras could not fit without expensive break away sets and with very shallow depth of field to emphasize the building collapse, confined space rescue theme of the episode.  

Unfortunately, many producers took away a different lesson: that DSLR cameras
were good enough to shoot anything. Did you know there's a series on tap to
start shooting soon, using 5-7 of those cameras exclusively?

Although I did understand the use of something that small being apropos for
the content, I also have to say that after a lot of hard work by some very
talented post people, I still thought those House images looked industrial
quality for both resolution and colorimetry. You can only torture 8 bit highly
compressed images so much.

And I think it was at least a little bit of a stunt. Everyone's PR team made
sure stories about it were everywhere - the very definition of a stunt.


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