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Well, I for one believe heavily in Chris Nolan who doesn't even believe in DI and filter sets his brilliant master works on a color master, but I guess he's an idiot as well.  

History has already proven that shows using tape for acquisition are having enormous issues in the archival department, while George Lucas was able to whisk "a new hope" out from under the mountain, scan it, add new effects, print it, and milk that old shitty tech for god only knows how much cash.  When 4k digital cinema becomes a standard he can do it again if he wants with, piss, who knows, "American graffiti.". What an amazing thing that would be.  But I'm willing to bet you it will look crazy sharp compared to him blowing up "episode 1" to 4k.  Oh how jar-jar will alias with all the coring they will have to apply.

Surely these issues will eventually be solved and surely there will come a point when film has less resolution and range than digital, but even at that point, digital production will still cost the same as film production, it will simply be just higher quality.

By the way, the stages are opening in New Orleans, Vancouver, Shanghai and pretty much everywhere else than LA.  Tax cred and all. 

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> Craig. . . Dude. . . . I'll listen to James Cameron and George Lucas any day. . . Or Robert Zemeckis, before you. But I guess you know more than them. The days of shooting on location are ending. The studios will sell off their real estate. Are you at all aware of the number of Green Screen stages opening up in Los Angeles? Hmmm. Why is that? Must not be cheaper, huh? Do you really want to perpetuate the old myth's in post?  I guess you have to, to keep ripping them off.  Sorry to do no one any good deeds here, but my good deeds all go to my clients not the TIG.
> And I don't need a salt mine with correct temperature fluctuations to store my images. I guess those salt mines are pretty cheap too, huh?
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>> Dude.
>> You do no one any good deed by posting here that digital processing and or shooting is automatically cheaper than film. Sure, I'm as tired of grain as the next guy, and there are digital formats I absolutely love.. But you don't have to pay for dailies? Really? Who pays for the editorial files to get made from R3d to Pro-res or Dnxhd? No waiting? what planet do you live on? Sure, if someone wants to edit directly with no lut, or straight off in-camera qt's, or if they really only want to edit in FCP.... I sorta get your point, which I think is weak at best. I don't know any commercial editor that doesn't want files to look good, be exactly right to edit with, and match TC to a higher res file for finish than what they are editing in. I realize that it's not the norm, but it certainly is in commercial land.... And digital acquisition quite often means confused, time consuming, and costs a lot more to make / convert proper elements and store them / ship them. At least in my line of work. And you magically don't have to worry about digital storage for 50 years? Do you know something about storage arrays I don't??? Film is less archival and costs more to store than Digital files?? Really? 50 years?
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>>>  I'm sure film makers are rushing to add more
>>> expense to their post (shooting film). You get to wait for your dailies. . .
>>> pay for lab processing. . . pay for a telecine suite to grade in. . . have
>>> film grain moving like ants over your image on an LCD or plasma and find a
>>> place to correctly store your film for what? . . Fifty years. That's not too
>>> big of an expense I guess. (sarcasm in use)
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