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Nick Pannaman nick at tvpgroup.co.uk
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I have been on the TIG for many years now and don't recall such an
impassioned and heart-felt outpouring of opinions and concerns as this HDCAM
SR subject has generated.

As already stated on occasion these passions have stepped out of line -
nevertheless it seems to me that the bulk of the postings are based on
genuine altruistic concerns. However I think a critical point is being

Our industry is one of evolution not revolution and having been in the
industry for over 30 years my observation is that the developments which
last are those which embrace stakeholders in the wider industry and work
with them, not against them, to move things forward. There does not appear
to be any single and mature solution to the loss of SR tape production.
There are not enough data specialists to allow everyone to switch to data:
universal connectivity is not sufficient to support full digital
distribution (let alone cost effective); not enough facilities can support
either full digital or a significant return to film.

What we can do is use our collective skillsets and experience to support OUR
industry by helping our customers with a range of short, medium and long
term solutions to their immediate problems. It doesn't matter who wins the
technology arguments so long as the industry and its stakeholders - clients,
employees and suppliers - continue to develop and thrive.

Nick Pannaman
nick at tvpgroup.co.uk


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Hey Rob,

Thanks for stepping in and calling a halt to the silliness.
Like my British/ Argentinian friend, Ken, sometimes it's good to stir it up,
but when one of the members accuses another of ripping off their clients,
that's about all I need to hear. Not really sure who Jeff is or how much
experience he has in this business but no one should be allows to make an
accusation like that.

Most of us know Craig.  He's hugely successful, driven, experienced and
extremely ethical and works for one of the best post houses in the country.

An accusation like that is inexcusable and Jeff needs to have his mouth
washed out with some good old fashioned methyl chloroform.

I'm just saying,

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