[Tig] A Colourist's Lament.

Sean McKee sean at screentimeimages.com
Tue Mar 29 00:25:49 BST 2011

Well, at least they have the SciTech oscars for the engineers and programmers, always hosted by a lovely actress since most of the crowd is male, and then at the Oscars proper you get to hear a drunk? host say "congratulations nerds!"

Sean McKee

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> To colorists one and all,
> Wow, all this bluesy talk about one's under appreciated skill set.
> Well, so now you know what it's like to be an engineer!  Sounds very
> similar, these two professions.  When your stuff is working, nobody
> notices.  When its not, everybody bitches at you and wants to know why it's
> not fixed yet.
> Join the club.  See all those many boxes with pretty LEDs &etc with cables
> going in and out?  Some poor slob ruined his or her marriage over that
> gizmo, very likely, working all hours to make it a reality.  Somebody else
> wrote a million lines of code to make the colors nice in the right hands.
> But it'll always be the drug-addled celebrity who gets all the awards and
> attention.
> Folks, join the misery club.
> Now, back to work!
> Jim Lindelien
> Slaver over that TLC blinky-LED gizmo
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