[Tig] Bearer of bad news.

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Anders, you are absolutely right. 
Always good to hear from you my friend. 

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Amen to that brother! Same in production, at the lower levels and increasingly at the mid levels there is more and more work being done on cheap gear by semi-professionals. That drives rates down and makes it very difficult for a sustainable professional industry. 

I did a RED job a few years ago and it was funneled through a "RED" shop. I sat down with the "Senior Colorist" who was about 22 and just out of college. Nice kid with pretty good instincts but not a colorist by my definition. He'd never worked in a post facility prior to to becoming a "Senior Colorist". He thought the footage looked great. It didn't. I think that's part of the reason that we are seeing less than impressive work (shit). It's not just in post, it goes all the way down the line. 

But the real reason were not seeing any groundbreaking creative work is that I haven't had a chance to work with you in, what, 10 years? ;-) 

How's the family? 

Fond Regards, 


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> I would say the industry has changed quite a bit. Instead of large post houses with full time employees, there are smaller shops hiring freelancers, or small shops where one guy does it all (editor, colorist etc...). So this unfortunately cuts down on the full time jobs. It also weakens the "specialization". A guy who colors a project once a week or less is not a specialist. It took me hundreds of thousands of feet of film a week, for months and years to become a colorist. Today someone colors a project once a month and calls themselves a colorist. Maybe that's why a great deal of broadcast (commercials, episodic etc...) looks flat and mediocre. That's much easier than something like say "Sucker Punch", "Limitless" or "Pirates of the Caribbean". 
> Tom 
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