[Tig] Flattening Globe

Cem Ozkilicci cemoz101 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 30 18:00:17 BST 2011

"George Lucas is one of the cheapest people in the industry, perhaps even on
the face of the earth. There is very little doubt in my mind that price was
his primary consideration when selecting a vendor."


I totally agree with Bob. I think the main (if not only) reason why a lot of 
these places open up a branch or do business in the Far East and/or India is to 
do the tasks that would cost an arm and a leg in Western markets.

Look at Moving Picture Company in Bangalore... any wonder why they employ so 
many roto artists? I'm sure it's cheaper and easier to allocate an area where 
you can hire 100 fresh graduates out of India and have them work 12-15 hours 
than employ roto artists in London and not have to deal with labour laws etc etc 

The volume of man power and work is a great asset for them but at the end of the 
day it all depends on how you want to play the game: cheap labour, fast output 
and questionable quality (sometimes) or expensive labour, slower output and 
quality work ... but then again some recent features have had sub-par post work 
done on them...!



Cem Ozkilicci

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