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These will be the Technicolor profile. 

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Hey Tom - 

CML HDSLR has been lit up with this topic for the last 2 weeks. I haven't worked off the new technicolor profile, but I have use the similar one that was privately made a long while ago - can't remember name, begins with an M. 
The general consensus is that you don't gain that much as the H264 codec sort of falls apart when you try and apply 8bit Log-c to it. My own personal results with testing and playing resulted in mushy, grainy images - using the profile in place during capture. My personal opinion as a colorist is to use a manual Log Exposure curve and dig into a "normal" H264 as much as you can. The Stu Machwitz method of shooting 7D performs pretty well under this method. 

Ultimately, you'll see what you think... 
Please report back. Stay away from working in a rec 709 profile, and you'll have some room. 


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> Has anyone seen the Canon 5D or 7D with Log-C? 
> I'm hearing it's a huge step forward for Canon DSLR. I have some coming in tomorrow and I'm curious what the opinions are from the TIG about it. I will have more to say about it tomorrow. 
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