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Jack James jack at surrealroad.com
Thu May 26 10:26:43 BST 2011

A little bit more speculation can be found in this thread:

But basically in terms of the price: that's how much it will cost for the
complete application, via the Mac App Store. Given that most sane companies
will not be using the App Store as a means to buy workstation software, the
actual price will probably be twice that for a more traditional disc-based
version. Also they've named the version "X" rather than "8" to indicate that
you won't be eligible for upgrade pricing.

Finally, there has been no mention of other Final Cut Studio components,
such as Motion or Compressor. It's possible that their functionality will be
directly incorporated into into the single FCX product (which would make
about as much sense as incorporating video rental and PDF management into
iTunes), but more likely that these products will now each be sold
separately, in the same way iWork was disassembled for the store.

Supposedly it's going to be available next month, so we won't have to
speculate much longer. Personally I just hope they bump the Mac Pro line to
coincide with the release.


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> In an article in today's LA Times ( http://tinyurl.com/3caz6ne ), a
> passing reference caught my eye:
> "Final Cut Pro X will also feature automatic audio cleanup, advanced color
> correction tools, ...."
> Also, the price has been lowered to $299.
> Does anyone have more information?   Thank you in advance.
> Rob
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