[Tig] What are you grading today?

simon astbury simonastbury at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 1 12:53:43 GMT 2011

This week I am grading:Two Delia Smith web films for Waitrose (British high end supermarket) Shot on Sony F3 (S-Log)"RAC" TV commercial, shot on Red Epic (will be conforming the 5k data)"Abba: Just Dance" for X-Box TV commercial, shot on Arri Alexa (Pro res 4444)"Ford Transit" Viral (web and TV), shot on a variety of cameras from Go-pro to 5D"Butlins" TV commercial, shot on Arri Alexa (Pro res 4444)"Culture Show" for the BBC (TV) ,shot on Canon XF305, Sony EX3, Sony F3, Panasonic HDX900 and 5D (maybe not all of these but usually a combination of two or 3)"Live and Lost" (TV and web reality music show for T4) shot on Sony EX3 and 5D.
Plus 3 or 4 other corporate jobs which I don't have info for yet, but most likely DSLR of some sort.
System: Baselight
Surprised I have time to post !

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> Colorists of the world....The ICA is doing a survey, what are you grading this week Nov 1st, type of show, TV/Film/web, type of camera, grading system and City
> Should be interesting......
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