[Tig] New Panasonic Plasmas

Ian Richardson irichardson at cuttingedge.com.au
Thu Nov 3 22:03:29 GMT 2011

I have had my eye on that as well
We too are pleased with the 11 series apart from the banding.

For the BT300U
You will note in the specs there is no numbers for 'Graduation' [secret word for how many bits the panel is]  ....It says TBD   what does this mean..... To Be Developed??

This says to me that the development is not ready for market yet?

The other models give i.e. PF30U give Gradation:  6,144 steps (equivalent) 
graduation ......6144  = 2048 x 3   [equivalent]?...what is that?
8 bit dither

Lets all hope the spec will be 10+ bits with out the equivalent 

Ian R

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On Nov 3, 2011, at 4:47 PM, wlenz wrote:

> May get a demo soon. Looks good on paper.

I (mostly) like my PF42-11UK with SDI in and calibrated with Light-Space and a Hubble... It could be a bit better though.....


Robert Houllahan
rob at cinelab.com


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