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Ian Richardson irichardson at cuttingedge.com.au
Tue Oct 25 02:38:00 BST 2011

Greetings Tiggers

I haven't posted for a while so here goes

An OLED story.

My credentials

I have been setting up edit suites, grading rooms and screens since the Rank MK 2 days all the way thru MK 3, URSA, to Spirit 4K and more recently, calibrated DI suites  [x3].

We currently have, in our commercial Baselight suite, a good old Sony BVMD24 and along side that, for clients, a Panasonic 11 series Plasma TH-42-PF-11-WK.
Myself and our senior colorist are quietly pleased with the match we have achieved in a side by side configuration for a couple of years now.
Our meters and our eyes agree and the comments from our clients confirm this, with not one complaint of differences between screens. All good. A happy Scott and happy clients is a happy Engineer [Me].

Enter our new Sony OLED PVM 2541.

For testing I place it between the Plasma and The Tube, all side by side.
Scott was away on holidays at the time and our Calibration meter was at our other facility so I eye-matched the OLED to the already matching Tube and Plasma.
I have prided myself over the years on my ability to eye-match. The OLED came up a treat and I left the room with all 3 screens looking great on Grey and a selection of images from Baselight.

I go on Holidays for a week.

I return and check with Scott [our senior colourist of endless years of experience] and promptly get berated for installing the OLED and _not_ lining it up.

It looked horrible and I had to eye-match it....Scotts Words.  Me ...Show me.  It looks slightly Magenta ......My words.

Magenta, no it isn't, yes it is, no, yes.....If you get my drift.

OK lets get some meters and measure it.

This is where the Fun Starts.

Some quick measurements. No alignments done.

  1.  Our old and trusty Phillips 5639.....we know it wont read OLED....Tube 0.314,0.331 not bad, Plasma 0.313, 0.333 close, OLED 0.259,0.308....way Blue but we knew that.

  1.  xRite i1 Display PRO + Lightspace CMS......Tube 0.308,0.333, close.....Plasma 0.309,0.338 close and [interestingly] OLED 0.313,0.323. This was Scotts eye-Match, not bad
            Please note here, that this is NOT what I was seeing with my eyes, to me the OLED still looked slightly Magenta.

  1.  Photo Research PR650 from our DI rooms...... Tube 0.332,0.330 not good....Plasma 0.312,0.347 not good....OLED 0.315,0.325 not good but indicating a match of sorts

Enter the Receptionist, the Tape Op, another engineer, et al, their eyes agree with Scott all balanced. My eyes still slightly magenta.


I submit. For some reason my eyes are NOT seeing the OLED as other people and 'some' meters indicate, yet there is no issues with Tube, Plasma and LCD displays.
I went back and did my color blindness test files again...all good. They tell me I have no deficiencies.
I guess a Professional eye test is on the cards.

Ones mind boggles at the thought of Mr Cigar Smoking Client in the room with my 'eye issue' asking why screens are different when we [eventually] move to OLED's

The final imbroglio.

 If I take a digital photograph with my trusty Casio EXILIM ,of the three screens, guess what......... the image shows the OLED looking magenta, like my eyes see it.
Email me direct if you want a copy of this still, the TIG will not allow inserted images.

The Wrap up

1. My eyes and my Casio digital still camera see the OLED as slightly magenta, everybody else seems fine.
    Has anybody come across this before?
2. Has anybody had difficulty in measuring across Tube, Plasma, OLED before?
3. Sony recommend a Minolta CA-210 for OLED. Has anybody using one of these measured across Tube, Plasma, and OLED?
4. Has anybody in the group tested with any color meters across Tube, Plasma, OLED and what type of instruments were they?

My testing is on-going, I am now doing daily measurements to check for drift or aging effects.
All in all the OLED replicates the colour space very well [by the meter]. The gamma tracking seems excellent all the way from black with a 'slight' compression at the white end. It is an impressive screen.

I hope the group finds the above interesting and I am sure there will be more to report as we move away from the Tube technology.


I have no association with any of the manufacturers mentioned in the email....other than a user of their products.

Regards to all

Ian Richardson

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