[Tig] comments on "Heavenly Court"

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Tue Oct 25 07:22:43 BST 2011

from Dimitrios Papagiannis:

Here's the film's synopsis  (Heavenly Court)

Attorneys Andrey and Veniamin are friends, but their job always puts them on different sides of barricades. Besides that, the lawsuits they participate in take place in life after-death. They are involved in a Heavenly Court, deciding where to send a person’s soul after death – to Heaven or to Hell. But one day Andrey’s personal interests interfere: a man who made a proposal to Andrey’s young widow is in the dock...

Also here is a link that you can use to watch some of the movie online.


The words "Heavy Syrup" come to mind.



(Ps from TIG sysadm: I watch all films made with Heavy syrup :)

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