[Tig] An OLED Story

Cédric Lejeune cxl at workflowers.net
Wed Oct 26 01:43:50 BST 2011

Ian Said:

>   1.  xRite i1 Display PRO + Lightspace CMS......Tube 0.308,0.333,
> close.....Plasma 0.309,0.338 close and [interestingly] OLED 0.313,0.323.
> This was Scotts eye-Match, not bad
>            Please note here, that this is NOT what I was seeing with my
> eyes, to me the OLED still looked slightly Magenta.

What profile did you use on the i1 Display PRO? As it is a colorimeter (as
opposed to the i1 Pro that is a cheap spectro, those guys giving product
names at Xrite are nuts) you must select a profile (matrix) made to match
your monitoring device. Some companies like Spectracal can generate some for
you (set in the software) if they have the same device handy.

Cedric Lejeune
La Madeleine, France

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