[Tig] An OLED Story (Simon Brazzalotto)

Richard Kirk richard at filmlight.ltd.uk
Sun Oct 30 17:27:07 GMT 2011

Ha! The plot thickens.

Some people see OLED monitor as being pink next to the CRT, while others  
see it as being green.

If you get your eyes tested using an anomaloscope, you may have to ask for  
your exact measurements. Most people with good trichromatic vision will  
give results clustered about a central peak, while protanopes and  
deuteranopes are way off on either side. If the fault really lies with the  
variations in the human eye and high gamut displays are emphasizing the  
differences., then the OLED shift may depend on where we come on that  
central peak.

Or, it might be something else entirely. I have never seen coatings on  
glasses give a significant effect. The blue dot on contact lenses changes  
the colour temperature, but has no significant effect on color contrasts  
(I used to use contact lenses, so I checked this). However, there may be  
some funny coatings out there that I have never met. It is certainly worth  

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