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Oh yeah, my disclaimer: I haven't worked for, taken money from, or have any
financial incentive to recommend any of the companies/people mentioned.
Kevin Shaw I have met casually a few times and have a very good impression
of him and know he's a super-knowledgeable trainer on that platform, that's
all. I'd recommend others, too, I just don't know any. I do currently use
Nucoda + Truelight as my main system.

On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 9:11 AM, Tyler Hawes <tyler at litpost.com> wrote:

> Jack is right that the broad range of questions you ask is a sign you're in
> over your head and there's a steep learning curve ahead of you. Once these
> questions are answered, you'll surely have more. My recommendation is that
> you (or your employer, more likely) contact Image Systems (formerly Digital
> Vision) and arrange for a day or more of on-site training. Or you could
> contact a trainer, like Kevin Shaw (http://www.finalcolor.com/).

3. CMS has a log->709 LUT. (There is a log>linear LUT that ships with
> Nucoda, but there are better ones made if you can locate them. We use
> TrueLight. You can also checkout CineSpace. Or maybe someone has a LUT
> they'll share with you.).
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