[Tig] On the Post-Quantel debacle and the evolution of the business.

Jim Lindelien hombresur at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 17:21:11 BST 2011

I have two-cents to add to this discussion.

1. Cost pressures on the industry are relentless and the idea of very
expensive big box products strikes me as increasingly unlikely to persist as
a viable business model both for the vendors and the end-users.  Perhaps the
community of experienced colorists, h/w & s/w engineers and post shop owners
might do better to foster an "organically grown" open source endeavor to
create technologies that are cutting edge relevant, cost controlled, shared,
and supportable by the community itself--which is global and online 24 hours
a day.  One's competitive edge could be extended either by one's artistic
ability to be better than the next shop, or by custom in-house adaptations
made to the public technology IP, or both.

2. Should the community of artists known as colorists continue to narrowly
define their craft by this label?  How much of what you do represents the
mere "correction of color"?  To maintain, extend and add value and relevance
going forward, shouldn't colorists find better branding for how one's art
form and skill set are being marketed?  The present label feels very narrow
in purpose, as if one is merely bringing-up-to-snuff something defective
that's been brought into the shop.  Colorists are doing a great deal more
than that, feel they are not being properly recognized for it, and might do
better to give this more thought.  It is more like visual sweetening, but I
don't like that label either.  What you do is essential to telling the story



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