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Craig Leffel craig at optimus.com
Sat Sep 3 02:48:44 BST 2011

Lou et al -

I will never seem to understand the Decentralization concept you promote.

Commonality promotes nothing but ignorance and laziness. It is nothing short of a Union mentality band aided onto a field where artistic competence, merit, skillsets and toolsets, and the command thereof set the active pay scale of the participants. Their continued successes, demonstration of their mastery to clients, let alone their actual personal relationships worked and solidified over many years,  maintains their pay scale, not whether or not their gear can read a particular database the same way another can.

There is no reason that colorists who have the craftsmanship, skill, and financial resources to buy a many hundred thousand dollar color workstation need concern themselves at ALL with those folks who can muster $1000 to buy a Davinci. The tools are not the same in any way, nor is the client base. Nor are the financial models. There is no good reason at all why the 2 worlds should share anything.

In the past, as you know, 
Many colorists specialized in a number 
of skills and workflows -

35mm film
16mm film 
Master Positive
Tape to Tape

Today's capture formats and workflows are no different. We all need different tools and gear to exercise our mastery and our greatness. To suggest that we need a common starting point, a translation device even, is to suggest that DP's should have a common, documented  lighting setup in case one leaves and another takes over. That they are interchangeable. Or that a Director should document his style, make notes in excel and pass it to the next guy that does the sequel or the next spot in the campaign.

Communicating with words and eyeballs when done by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen always will exceed the ability if some half-assed database that only conveys a fraction of the information you need now, and will never convey all that is required to translate the look and feel in someone else's mind. All involved should give up this nonsense post haste.


Craig Leffel
Former Colorist.

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On Sep 2, 2011, at 3:39 PM, Lou Levinson <joe.beats at yahoo.com> wrote:

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> Folks, 
> the initial porpose of, and philosophies behind the cdl were to create a platform
> Independent method of being able to communicate the visual part of visual storytelling
> Ideas, in a way that the various vendors would all support. Our success to date has been because 
> of a less is more approach. We started out with a bias against complexity, as manifested by things
> Like custom curves and "power" windows. Indeed, if you ever read thru the docs, they&#39;re about
> Half caveates, warnings of what you the user is going to have to do for yourself. These, sadly
> Get ignored all too often. Even so, the cdl is becoming quite widespread. Working for the idea
> Of adding 6vector is the added layer of subtle complexity it adds to cross platform coms. Working
> Against it are several things. One, most colorists who paint themslves into corners have done so
> With this tool, so imagine an onset dit or others with less training getting their hands on it.
> Two, much of what the proposed "need" is revolves around issues that the scc is not the fix
> For in the first place. We are toying with limited versions of the toolset, but we&#39;ll see how those
> work out.
> The toolset to use is always the one that gets the job done right the first time. With this in mind,
> we are a few moore&#39;s law generations away from inexpensive toolsets/ infrastructures that can
> Do what some us need to do today.
> It&#39;s my belief/hope that the next few years will bring major league decentralization, where we
> Will make the most of the heavy metal tools we&#39;ll still need
> Lou
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