[Tig] Expansions

Lou Levinson joe.beats at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 3 18:49:00 BST 2011

 Craig, et al,

Then it must have been the lazy and willfully ignorant members of the cinematography community
That wanted the cdl capabilities in the first place. We were so careful NOT to step on vendors toes
That we invented our own processes for the machines to share, hence Slope,Offset,Power. We have
At every stage been cognizant of the uniqueness of each vendor, and that's why the subcommittee
Is being very stubborn about adding scc, windows,curves, ect. The cdl is, in fact, simple like an
edl. It is 10 numbers which can be put in cmx,ale, or xml form. The challenge here is how much
Imagery can you convey with what amounts to primary correction. This should absolutely tilt the
odds in favor of the more experienced among us. Whether it has or not, quien sabe?

Given that making the cdl work in a useful way takes expertise on the part of those using it, i believe
we can be proud of the fact that the dp's and productions using it are getting value from it.

If you want a slice of the creative authorship pie, being a colorist is a way to translate/enable
The ideas of others to reach the screen, not to own them. Grab a camera. Or a pad and some

Art, artistry, and artisanship are three different things


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