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It really depends on the DP/Director you're working with. I can think of
plenty of films where I diligently served up a look that was carefully
controlled by the DP/Director who had a specific result in mind and did not
want to deviate from it. I can think of even more cases where they had a
vague notion but leaned on me to nail it down specifically. And I can think
of a few films where they had no clue for one reason or another, and I was
essentially working in a vacuum, left on my own to do something with it.
Most of my relationships, and my most enjoyable ones, there's no competition
for ownership, and everyone is just loving the process and excited to see
how wonderful the film is looking as we work on it.

Regardless, I think it's high time The Academy recognize our discipline with
an Award for Best Color Grading, and I do think we have a creative role
plenty deserving of such. Sound has two awards, for the mixer and the
editor. We have one for the editor, but we're missing one for the color

And while I respect my DPs and believe in supporting their vision, let's not
be overly humble. We have a ton of influence on the looks of most films now,
and the DPs do lean on us, and end up taking most of the credit (more
deservedly so if they're very good). But I've read plenty of film reviews
praising the "cinematography" of films where I knew what they were
responding to was a lot more about my grading than the photography. However,
you'll never read "and the film was wonderfully color graded", and they
don't ever put our name in the credit block at the bottom of the review
where you'll see the other keys. Everyone loves us in the color suite, but
we're basically ignored as soon as they walk out of the room.

Anyway, it's about a decade now we've had this level of a storytelling role
for colorists, and it's time we have an Oscar for the craft. I'm not
optimistic about the chances of this happening anytime soon, since we have
no political clout, but on merits we'd have it already. There's more than a
few on this list who should by now precede their name with "Academy Award

And yes, I know we don't do this for awards and if wanted public
recognition, we went into the wrong career, yada yada yada. I agree. But
fair is still fair.

On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 11:04 AM, Craig Leffel <craig at optimus.com> wrote:

> ... I refuse to believe, nor have i experienced much, that we are the Bus
> drivers of the Xerox machine just fiddling with the balls and our experience
> to bring another persons vision to life - solely...

On Sep 3, 2011, at 12:49 PM, Lou Levinson <joe.beats at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > If you want a slice of the creative authorship pie, being a colorist is a
> way to translate/enable
> > The ideas of others to reach the screen, not to own them. Grab a camera.
> Or a pad and some
> > Charcoal.
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