[Tig] Art,artistry, and collaboration

Lou Levinson joe.beats at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 3 19:51:07 BST 2011


I doubt anything any of us have worked on have a clear, singular vision, per se. More like several
 clear singular visions competing in parallel. Do we collaborate? yes. Do we influence?
yes. are we working thru the filter of others?, yeah, mostly. Are some of us just bus drivers?
probably. I believe mostly not. If i was really on team xerox, i'd be helping the japanese actually make
An expert system auto corrector ( i dont believe it can be done, but at times, the task gets offered up)

If you think you can have long running career without passion and artistry, without "owning" the
Work, think again.

My comments about art have to do with having been to an art school (not a film school), one just
Up the the way from your former place of employ, where the term artist takes on different connotations
Than the terms do in "the biz".

The "biz" is getting harsher as the ridiculous schools of business thoughts run rampant, as cumbersome
Plodding giants try to stamp each other out with us smaller guys getting under foot. I predict that
In 3 to 5 years we'll have seen a resurgence of boutiques, but boutiques with worldwide reach.
With a resurgence of the idea that talent is one of those things needed to get jobs done right the
First time. Which, as we all know, is the least expensive wayto do anything.


Intelligent representation of conflicting viewpoints may just be one definition of communication


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