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Pete Jannotta petej at filmworkers.com
Sat Sep 3 21:48:55 BST 2011

Ok, I'm usually just an ignorant lurker on this list so as of this posting, I am no longer a lurker, just ignorant.

My humble too sense.

When we were all working mainly with film it wasn't a perfect world then, either,but DPs knew their labs and had relationships with their Timers and Colorists and probably were most often used to a particular screening room or two.
We used standards that had been in place a long time.
There were various flavors of video but it was all manageable and we had a little more time to think about things.

We now live in the Digital Wild West.
Nothing will ever stay the same for very long and STANDARDS are only for us old guys. Oh, uh, how many different capture "standards" were used on the last job you Color corrected??!?? "No problem, my machine digests 'em all... and in real time!"
Taking the extreme liberty of thinking for the group, I think what we are all looking for here is for something to stay put long enough for us to get used to it. "Please give me something that I can hold onto."
Anyway, I could go on and on and prove more ignorance but I won't.

A friend of mine just told me about some beautiful long lost family photos he found in a shoebox while collecting up the belongings of an elderly relative that had passed.
I wonder what someone's going to do with my SanDisk 16GB flash drive when they find it in the back of one of my old desk drawers 40 or 50 years from now?????

Pete Jannotta
I Still Love Being A Colorist


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