[Tig] Any thoughts/review about Barco DP2K-P DCI Projector?

Neil Smith neilsm at mac.com
Mon Sep 5 18:29:58 BST 2011

We've been using a Barco 2k DP100 for six years now in our grading theater ... we calibrate it regularly with a PR650 but its always within .001 of the spec ... blacks are rich and deep, colors are very faithful, operation is easy with the Post software, and bulb lasts a good 1500 hours .... its worked flawlessly for six year with a minimum amount of problems .... apart from the time we blew up the light engine when we were doing the VFX reviews for 'Superman Returns' and Bryan kept waiting to change between DPX and Quicktime every ten seconds ... apparently not a good thing to do :-( .... we're doing the VFX reviews for the two last 'Twilight'  features and the post-super (also did Avatar) is more than happy with the image quality.

Barco did a short write-up on 'Superman Returns' and us:


There are cheaper projectors on the market but if you're looking for a solid workhorse that delivers stunning colors, the Barco is a great choice ... I'm not convinced that 4k is the way to go just yet for DI work.


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