[Tig] New 3D plasma monitor for grading?

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Have you considered the O-LED monitors at all? What does everyone think of 

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[Tig] New 3D plasma monitor for grading?

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Hey Tiggers,

We need to buy a new monitor for video grading and I'm soliciting advice.
I'm leaning towards the best plasma I can get. 3D isn't a total must-have,
but it seems sensible to get a 3D model if buying new. Panasonic
Professional (the popular choice in LA it seems) isn't making any 3D 
smaller than the 85", which is super expensive and impractical. Has anyone
looked at the consumer line of 3D plasmas to see if they are as suitable 
calibration and grading as the pro branded ones? In theory, they're using
the same panels...

Also, anyone know of any bugaboos with the current model line-up from
Panasonic vs. previous years?

Thanks for the help...


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