[Tig] A call for open formats

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Mon Sep 12 16:36:22 BST 2011

Agreed on accesibility, but disagreed on the plethora.  If you open  
the format dialog in any NLE today, there are two or three pages of  
formats now, depending on whether you're on a 23" or 40" display.   
And that's just the ones that are natively supported -- between NLEs,  
there are flavours that can't be shared.  The MXF wrapper is  
apparently analogous to the Quicktime wrapper, but if you aren't  
AVID, your FCP workflow stops right there as far as collaboration  
goes.  This doesn't even start to peel back the issue of  
origination.  I find it hilariously, tragically ironic that the  
digital media revolution is masqueraded as "democratization".

Its just hell, no matter how its characterized.  Sweatshop conditions  
in return for a "head tax" admission into a questionable (as far as  
ROI is concerned) "business".

On 12-Sep-11, at 8:20 AM, Jack James wrote:

> I've got no problem with having a multitude of different formats

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