[Tig] Budget (time) a discussion

Steve Hullfish steve at veralith.com
Mon Sep 12 22:41:59 BST 2011

I was at an editing seminar with Richard Harris (the editor, not the actor) who was an old-school, KEM guy, I think before moving to Avid. He said he used to joke that producers would ask him "How long to cut my TV spot?" and he'd tell them "Just double park outside!"

Love that.

So, where are you "time wise" for some of the jobs you do? You must make educated guesses how long it will take when someone brings in a DI, TV spot or TV show. What are we talking about in the "new economy?"

Steve Hullfish

On Sep 12, 2011, at 4:36 PM, Bob Festa wrote:

> left to our own, we can slap a 30 sec TVC together in no time at all. 

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