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Haavard Albertsen haavard at hocusfocus.no
Sat Sep 17 21:12:38 BST 2011

Hi Rogério,
I have been using Mistika for 14 years. (Previously Jaleo)
The system have always been known for pushing hardware to it's limits.

When I started using Jaleo it was because of two things. The price and what the system
was capable of doing. Since then the system has transformed from a vfx, online and also editing tool (for someone) to a more dedicated stereoscopic, grading and vfx system.

The last 5 years I have been specialized in grading and the grading tools is very good.
The speed of the system alows you to push allot of layers in realtime. And from time to time, you will be suppriced how nice it is to have access the the vfx tools that is within Mistika.

I also have to mention that I have never worked on any other system, so I am not able to
compare Mistika to any other systems. Having said that, I have to mention that all our clients are extreamly happy about the speed and the capabilities that lies within Mistika, compared
to systems that our competitors are using. 
Since you as an artist have access to any layers that have been done within the project - you can save many hours not having to export/import element into other systems.

Our company, Hocus Focus, have always been using this system.
It is an extreamly open system that you could place anywhere in your DI-workflow.

Haavard Albertsen

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On 16. sep. 2011, at 03.57, Rogério Moraes <rogerito at terra.com.br> wrote:

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> Hello everyone.
> Anyone in here with experiences or knowledge about the Mistika as a colour
> grading solution (DI in special)?  Can anyone compare experiences with other
> softwares.? I come from DaVincis, Resolve, Scratch (ok… Color too) and a
> very basic understanding of Baselight. How does it work with current color
> control surfaces, like the Tangents or it does have a proprietary one? Any
> case one would like to share?  Thanks for any feedback
> Rogério Moraes
> Colorist
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