[Tig] A call for open formats

Jim Lindelien hombresur at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 16:21:42 BST 2011

Bob wrote,

"The most severe case is if the camera vendor goes bankrupt and its web
sites and support channels suddenly shut down forever, destroying the
ability to obtain and install the proprietary software necessary to decode
existing files."

Things are not so dark as this.  The files are not encrypted, and so full of
inherently redundant information that reverse engineering the format is a
straightforward task for any programmer with video experience and a good HEX
editor.  Plus, the engineers and programmers who designed the products in
the first place don't vanish after the bankruptcy of the firm, and in most
case the sensor chips used in the design are well documented by their
3rd-party manufacturers (camera manufactures don't run their own silicon fab
lines).  One can expect the technical community to provide follow-on format
conversion tools so long as there is residual interest or commercial value
in the format.


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