[Tig] A call for open formats

Sean McKee sean at screentimeimages.com
Sun Sep 18 17:30:34 BST 2011

Those in the know have been aware that the RED format has been cracked and opened for some time, enabling those people to get to the RAW image and use their own debayering algorithms. You can't sell the paint brush and then tell the artist how to paint their masterpiece...

Joe Owens <jpo at prestodigital.ca> wrote:

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>Probably as simple as cracking any other digital file -- but what if  
>there are legal issues, patents, trademarks, and so on?
>On 18-Sep-11, at 9:21 AM, Jim Lindelien wrote:
>> One can expect the technical community to provide follow-on format
>> conversion tools so long as there is residual interest or  
>> commercial value
>> in the format.
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