[Tig] What are you grading today?

Warren Eagles weagles at bigpond.net.au
Thu Aug 2 00:38:43 BST 2012

Thanks for all the replies. Very interesting so far, still a fair  
amount of film around, Canon not so hip and no features graded on FCPx!
Remember it is a snapshot of this week only and
please remember to add all the info when replying
Shooting Format
Grading system
Grading Monitor
City and Country



Last winter we ran a survey on 'What are you grading today?'


It's summer now, well actually it's winter Downunder but the sun is
out so we felt it was time to run another survey to see what the
world's colorists
are up to.
Please select 1 day this week, August 1-5, and report about what you
have been coloring, no more than 3 jobs per person thanks.

Genre                   TVC (Television Commercial) Movie DCP or Movie
Film out, Doco, Reality, TV Drama, Corporate, Web

Shooting Format    RED, Canon, Film, etc

Grading system     Baselight, Speedgrade, Avid etc

Grading Monitor    Sony OLED, Dolby, iMac, Panasonic Plasma, Barco
Projector etc

City and Country   Brisbane, Australia

Please reply to me by e-mail or repost here

Should be interesting


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Freelance Colorist
International Colorist Academy
weagles at bigpond.net.au
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