[Tig] (TIG) Liquidation of Cintel and acquisition by Blackmagic

peter_swinson at compuserve.com peter_swinson at compuserve.com
Fri Aug 3 18:03:59 BST 2012

What has happened to Cintel.
Cintel has been acquiredby Blackmagic Design, various publications explain that Blackmagic Design hasbought all the rights, including IPR, names, branding, etc to all of Cintel’sscanners, from the MKIII through to Ditto. 
I understand that Blackmagic Design has employed theexisting design team and that they are presently at Blackmagic Designsheadquarters in Australia.
Cintel International’s service & support departmentremains intact but as a separate independent entity, They are now called, CineSolutions Ltd and USAbased Cine Solution Inc.  Cine SolutionsLtd is presently at the original Cintel International site in Ware and isavailable on the old Cintel International telephone number, their new email addressis service at cinesolutions.co.uk . 
Both the UKand USA servicedepartments are under the leadership of Gary Welch and comprise 2 of theoriginal service engineers from Cintel International, George Hatch and  Mike Purver. The USAoperation continues with Paul Foster and Curtis Christenson.
Cine Solutions UK will also continue to offer reconditionedtelecines/scanners with various controllers.
I guess all future design, manufacture and sales of newequipment will be via Blackmagic Designs as the Cintel International manufacturingand sales guys have taken up positions in other companies. I have no doubt thatBlackmagic Design will concentrate on the Ditto as this was Cintel’s primescanner offering before they were acquired.
I wish both companies well for the future, it is good tolearn that Cine Solutions have retained their full service and supportcapabilities and Blackmagic Design will no doubt bring innovative new ideas tofilm scanning. 
Peter Swinson

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