[Tig] CintelBlackmagic Pricing

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Fri Aug 3 23:02:29 BST 2012

So... going by precedent...    Price tag of a new daVinci 2K was...    
if anyone has the really accurate numbers can you supply them?  
$750K?  Control panels ~$75K, and now Resolve is $995 with panels in  
the $29K ballpark... doing the math... oh my head hurts.   Okay, its  
a different thing.  There are more than software factors, like  
Teranex... but, what is the demand for a new 4K diTTo like? Or does  
that matter?

On 3-Aug-12, at 1:24 PM, Alexander Black wrote:

> the new scanner will be less than 40k?

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