[Tig] Learning the trade

Shai Drori srdbx at netvision.net.il
Sun Aug 5 19:20:42 BST 2012

This is my first post to the TIG, and it is a question I have been 
asking myself a long time? How did you learn your craft? Was it by 
formal learning? Training on the job? At the local photo store? How much 
of it was pure learning and how much was raw talent? I am wondering 
because there are no good colorists where I am and I think it's because 
there was no learning chain where one would learn from seasoned 
professionals. I didn't bother with this until I started scanning films 
to 4k that I noticed the difference between what I expected to see from 
films and what I got from digitization businesses. What I got from them 
looked like something a technician was working on without any 
understanding of what film should look like. Looked like they were going 
for the "smiley" effect in audio.
Shai Drori

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