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James Wicks jim at jimwicks.com
Mon Aug 6 11:18:08 BST 2012

> Shai wrote: "...but any reading suggestions would be great."

I can only suggest the obvious, some of which I have done.

Sign up for NY-based Colorist Patrick Inhofer's free weekly newsletter:

Take in-person tutorials through the ICA:

Take online courses through Patrick's website (above), or through fxphd:

Read Alexis van Hurkman's book, Color Correction Handbook

Read Steve Hullfish's book, The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction

Discover and read websites about color, not just color correction:



Find tutorials on Vimeo and Youtube about color correction in any program:
DaVinci, Baselight, Scratch, Speedgrade, Photoshop, etc.

And after all is said and done and you have learned and experienced all you can, give all that you have learned away to someone so you can help and inspire them. 

Best, J

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