[Tig] The Dark Knight Rises

Owen Williams owen at ywwg.com
Tue Aug 7 04:15:23 BST 2012

On Mon, 2012-08-06 at 12:09 -0700, Peter Berg wrote:

> The non-IMAX presentation was a much different story.  I saw exactly
> what Jack was describing.  The color was very different that what I
> saw in the IMAX theater a week earlier.  While I know that not every
> theater will be exactly the same, this presentation was vastly
> different.  The color saturation was much higher and the skin tones
> were very orange.  Almost pumpkin like.  Overall the film was darker,
> and that was especially apparent in the dark scenes.  With it being
> darker, that might have added to the color saturation issues.

Darker, more saturated, especially skintones looking more orange?  That
sounds like what happened to a movie that I graded in Rec 709 and was
projected on, I think, a P3 projector.  (After the screening I went back
to my suite and set the monitor to approximate P3 color space, and the
material looked like what I had been seeing in the theater.)  They
couldn't possibly have a colorspace issue on such a major release, could

Owen Williams

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