[Tig] Wrong colorspace in theaters

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Wed Aug 8 07:44:34 BST 2012

Hehe. If you think you had an issue with your film being displayed in P3
without a proper conversion...

I did a movie, graded in Rec709, sent to a BIG lab for shootout. And for
some reason the third Reel accidentally got a RGB>XYZ LUT applied.
It was showing for about a month in various press-screenings without anyone
And on a screening with the Producer and Director present, about half a
week before opening night, they saw tat something was messed up and I got
called in.

Luckily we where able to shootout that reel again and deliver to al
theatres in time.

I suppose that's the good thing of a Swedish movie... Not too many
theatres, only needed 16 analog copies of the reel. If it would have been a
US release a few years ago it would have needed a few thousand copies
delivered around a much bigger area. :)

I guess there are benefits to living in a smaller region.

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sounds like what happened to a movie that I graded in Rec 709 and was
projected on, I think, a P3 projector.  (After the screening I went back
to my suite and set the monitor to approximate P3 color space, and the
material looked like what I had been seeing in the theater.)

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