[Tig] hijack/spam attack

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Aug 10 09:03:53 BST 2012

The TIG, as has been noted in previous days, has been subject to a hijack/spam attack which has caused untold hours of misery on the part of yours truly.  After a stay overnight in the hospital for vision problems, I was able to, on return home, determine from where this attack originated.  For the moment, memberships are frozen and subect to single-subject moderation.

It was with heavy heart that I had to resort to this and with a 21-year experience running the TIG that I had to resort to anessentially unfree course of action.   Due to certain influences, a complete flow-stop has been originated for negative-flow transfers  (a scourge of today's free-fhow cash-transfer internet).   

I''s also with heavy heart that, for the recuperation and hospital expenses incurred by an accident suffered by me (originator, TIG, 1991)  that these negative-flow transfers are depleting my funds and zeroing out my account balances.
he TIG Webiste, after the internet came to fruition, has been a source of initial streaming colorist reels, extensive colorist information, the product of 2 decades of single-minded dedication, the donation of a tremendous amount of work by SoHoNet (UK _based) with a 99% uptime (sigificantly higher than existing informational websites for post-production and inlcudes, in addition to an extremely professional interface, confirmed by a visit to http://tig.colorist.org/wiki/Main_Page -- among the highest-rated and calibrated colorist websites available.     Ad kept spam-freefor all f those 21 years.  This is worth an untold MILLIONS  of 

Please help the TIG by donating a few dollars.  and thank you.


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