[Tig] dp learns DaVinci

Ken Metzker kenmetzker at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 23 12:12:33 BST 2012

some Tig’ers would get a smile as very senior dp, David Macdonald, tries
out the DaVinci software…





In an attempt to try and apply some kind of correction to my DVD, I went
googling to see if I could kind find some kind of MacWare that would let me
apply some basic grading. To my amazement I discovered that you can download Da
Vinci Resolve Lite for Mac absolutely FREE! It contains the full Da Vinci
toolset except noise reduction, 3D, and film res (it goes up to HD 1920 x
1080). It seems they are content to make their money from selling the Pro
version and the expensive control surfaces. 



So I ripped the DVD to Quicktime, re-timed in Da Vinci and rendered it out to
Quicktime again. Now I just have to strip the sound back in Final Cut. Since
the problem was an overall lightening of the mid tones with blacks and
highlights still preserved, all it needed was one simple tweak of the Luminance
curve and all looks great.



What a great toy! Most fun I've had out of bed for a long time. The 435 page
manual is written for professional colourists who already know what they are
doing so it was a bit of a struggle getting to grips initially with configuring
and getting the material into the timeline, but the colouring tools are a
breeze and the qualification tools are to die for. The only limit is that my
two five year old graphics cards don't have the the GPU power to really fly. If
I try to go beyond four nodes in HD I get a message that I don't have enough
GPU capacity.



So now I have learned how easy it is for colourists to operate that complicated
and baffling looking machine ........... and just how bloody hard it is to be
really good with it!



Anyway, now I can bandy around terms like
"Ingest","Lift"," Gain", "Qualifier","Soft
Clip","Hue vs Luminance","Parallel and Serial Nodes"
....... Just enough enough knowledge backed by absolutely zero experience to be
a total liability and pain in the butt.



Oh boy ........ the telecine suites are gonna HATE me!! ... A backseat
colourist!  ;o))))))))))))))



Hi Ken



Iv'e decided it's another manifestation of late onset middle aged menopause .... some guys go for Ferraris , or Porsches ....  seems I've become purblind with the liberated androgynous age.
 seduced by a girl named Alexa and besotted with a guy named Da Vinci. God knows what'll happen when I meet the, apparently epic,  Red ...or, God forbid, start fumbling her little sister Scarlet ........
...... No fool like an old fool ....


 After asking if I could post his email…Hi Ken


I guess so. Why not?


You know me. I have never admired people who try and stay young and on top with surgical procedures.  Somewhere along the line I missed out on the ever popular DOP's Endocrine Gain Operation (Popularly known as E.G.O.).


Always happy to have a giggle at my own expense …….. :o)


David Mac





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