[Tig] dp learns DaVinci

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Thu Aug 23 16:48:41 BST 2012

For the several years that the Apple COLOR application was a part of  
Final Cut, the major complaint about using the software was mastering  
the round trip -- simply getting a sequence to translate from one  
mode to the other and back.  To be honest, it was a bit of a  
minefield, and it only had to deal with FCP XML.  Consider now that  
Resolve deals with both FCP XML and Avid AAF, with the option of  
incorporating EDLs...

Yes, analogically a guitar is a fairly straightforward instrument as  
well, but obviously we are not all Jeff Beck or Skunk Baxter or  
(insert actual guitar hero, not gamer, here).

And on that note, I see a lot of enthusiast color operators now, but  
in the same league as the kids who think they are fighter pilots  
because they can play Falcon 4.0.  Professional colorists can do more  
now, but we are also expected to do a lot more, as grading systems  
become edit/VFX hybrids.

On 23-Aug-12, at 5:12 AM, Ken Metzker wrote:

> So now I have learned how easy it is for colourists to operate that  
> complicated
> and baffling looking machine ........... and just how bloody hard  
> it is to be
> really good with it!

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