[Tig] What are you grading today?

warren eagles weagles at bigpond.net.au
Wed Aug 29 00:46:02 BST 2012

Hey Nikolas,

Most people did not say either ProRes or Raw when grading Alexa.
From my experience down here in OZ I would say 90% ProRes.
When RED have a ProRes output, that will up the interest.
When training Colorists, I find even some of the experienced guys have trouble with the RED Raw metadata controls.

One of my early mentors legend Colorist Jim Hogan, once said to me.... "Get to know your film stocks inside out"
The same applies today with all the different files and codecs.
BTW....... We were in a Pub when Jim dispatched his words of wisdom:)


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Alexa jumps to #1, Red One down to #4 with Epic jumping up to #2 tied with Canon.
Interesting to see nearly 20 different grading displays being used. 

This list was compiled polling TIG and ICA Linkedin members


ICA Australia


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It would be interesting if we could get a subcategory on Alexa regarding the Arri Raw and QuickTime output.

I don't know if you got this input from the colourists participating on this survey but I do believe we are talking about two different workflows.

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