[Tig] Re-releases in 3D

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Fri Jan 6 20:59:37 GMT 2012

Hey all

Here are some questions regarding old movies that are now re-mastered and
re-released in 3D...
For example, I saw a trailer for The Lion King that is now showing in 3D...
That was originally released in the summer of -94. So that's 17 and a half
years ago. I doubt that anyone planed to redo it later in 3D (but I could
be wrong).

So here comes a few questions in case anyone out there was involved in the

Did they open up the old project and re-render it all with two eyes. Or is
this a 2D>3D convention?

Did you change the edit to get a smoother 'depth change' between cuts?

Hen going back to an old film I can imagine that you find some faults that
was 'impossible' to fix back then... Would they have fixed this stuff for a
re-master or do they leave it in to keep it as the original?

(no affiliation with Lion King, just interested)


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