[Tig] has any body demoed the new Panasonic's 300 series plasma's yet

Jim Houston jdhouston at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 17 16:36:37 GMT 2012

Yes.   They are better than the 'model 20' plasmas,
 and have more useful features for checking signals.
It had a few color/grey-scale tracking issues, but is generally very high quality.
The blacks in particular seemed to have a slight color cast.
Worked on overall calibration for a while to get it close.
Not sure that I can say yet that it is a 'reference monitor'
in the most exacting meaning.

Panasonic showed a new 'model 50' plasma at the
 CES show which also looks very promising and has 
very significantly improved blacks (almost to first appearance
 like OLED in a dark room).  They also had a new LCD panel which 
improved off-axis viewing problems.

Jim Houston
Pasadena, CA

On Jan 10, 2012, at 2:31 PM, John Rizzo wrote:
> Has anyone demoed one of the new Panasonic BT 300 Reference Monitors Yet?  		 	   		  

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