[Tig] Eastman Kodak Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Riza Nur Pacalioglu riza at silver.co.uk
Thu Jan 19 18:03:18 GMT 2012

"This is not something that Kodak was able to do on its own, but judicial decisions could make it possible."

If the future of Kodak is on the hands on 'judicial decisions' i.e. lawyers and judges, Kodak is doomed!

The executives of Kodak has killed Kodak and the board stand still. We had a similar story here in UK, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) executives grew the bank so much, so fast and solely by borrowing that the bank came the verge of bankruptcy. It was saved by the British public who now owns almost all of the bank. At the time RBS was growing like crazy the board just looked. They haven't said or done anything to stop the reckless executives driving the bank towards a cliff.

The same happened with Kodak. When the executives decided to enter the inkjet printer business where their USP is low cost ink -- which they buy in! -- the board haven't asked the executives what happens when they cannot get the ink. Nor, they asked how they plan to grow within a stagnated printer business and carve a market for themselves? Nor, they questioned the wisdom of entering into a business of printing where people no longer print photographs. Nor, they questioned them why Kodak is not generating decent profit from their patents. And they haven't asked why Kodak, as the inventor of the digital stills camera doesn't have a market presence in that segment?

The list is endless...

Riza Nur Pacalioglu
Silver Productions, Salisbury, England

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