[Tig] Sony EIAJ CV 2100 ACE Manual

Peter White (EAFA) Peter.White at uea.ac.uk
Mon Jul 2 12:11:34 BST 2012

Thanks to all for the suggestions.  Paul Halpin pointed me towards a hardcopy for a VERY reasonable price and located in the UK.

We're getting rather good pictures out of the machines so far.  Our test tape happens to be an off-air recording of a local television film that we keep the original of (16mm) in our Archive.  The cool bit is that the off-air contains to advert break in the middle which obviously weren't part of the original!

Kind regards,


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>Dear All,
>We're currently refurbishing a couple of CV 2100's.  They're in good
>condition but I could do with a user manual and more importantly the
>engineering/maintenance manual.
>Might anyone have a PDF tucked away somewhere?
>Kind regards,
>Peter White
>East Anglian Film Archive

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