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Mon Jun 4 11:20:35 BST 2012

It is with deep sadness that I tell you of the passing of Terry  Mead.
Terry was one of Cintels finest engineers. for many years he was head 
of research and much of his unique designs were built into MKIIIc, Ursa 
was largely his baby and many innovative parts of C Reality DSX  and 
Ditto were care of Terrys great design capabilities. Terry retired a 
few years ago but continued as a consultant for Cintel. the Queen 
awarded him, last year, an MBE for his work and dedication in our 
industry. Terry had been living in Cyprus with his wife for the past 
few years. A tumor on his brain was discovered early last year and was 
operated on, however this returned late last year. He passed away last 
week. For those who would like to attend his funeral it will be in the 
UK at Aldershot crematorium at 11am on 15 June. Jenny, Terrys wife, 
tells me all are welcome.


Peter Swinson.

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