[Tig] Tig Digest, Vol 264, Issue 1

stig at sheriffcompany.no stig at sheriffcompany.no
Tue Jun 12 10:59:54 BST 2012

Hi Carl,

Davinci always works full swing internally, so I usually make sure all the
clips in the media pool are set to full scale. Most of them do
automatically, but some does not.
For TVC work, my impression is that most colorists enable the "normal
range"-button on monitoring to remap the signal to 16-235. That is
what I do. Am I wrong? My monitors (Plasma + OLED) is set to 16-235.
Because I want to screen the final film in Avid, using Mojo DX on output,
I render studio swing out from Resolve. For file delivery I remap to full
swing exporting RGB, to avoid double scaling when Adtoox/Adstream remap to
studio swing.
I guess for Flame, you can render full range DPX and scale the output to
normal range. Please correct me if Im wrong.
I cant see why we should output full range in Davinci for TVC, when all TV
sets are 16-235.

Stig Olsen
Post Producer, Sheriff Film Company AS
Stig at SheriffCompany.no

> But the most important one of them all is Monitoring.
> If you have a traditional CRT then I suppose you should have it to
> LegalRange.
> But if you have a Projector/LCD/Plasma and you don't want to
scale between
> Ful>Legal>Full then you could set the output to FullRange.

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