[Tig] Standard data transmission speeds table

Kevin Wheatley hxpro at cinesite.co.uk
Fri Jun 15 14:21:24 BST 2012

On 15/06/12 13:35, Jack James wrote:
> I just posted a table of data transmission speeds across different
> interfaces that someone may find a useful reference:
> http://blog.surrealroad.com/archives/2012/standard-data-transmission-speeds/

just a note that these are, as Jack says, transmission rates and not
necessarily payload rates so you will always take longer than these
figures suggest, even before accounting for noise/dropped
packets/transmission delays/crappy microcontrollers etc :-).

It gets really messy with wifi, but even IP encapsulation over
ethernet is a case of 'it depends' in terms of data transfer
efficiency. e.g. for TCP over IP on 1500 byte MTU ethernet your at
about 95% maximum which means you get just under 12MB/s data not
12.5MB/s that 100 Mbits/s might suggest.

For USB2 you loose more like 10-15% and in the real world it always
looks more like a 40% loss :-)


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